Privacy Policy

Brainy Viral is the company that knows the value of personal information of its users. We are well-aware with the fact how your information is used and shared through our App and we appreciate your trust for us. That is why we handle everything carefully and sensibly. Here, we will describe our privacy policy, which is one of the most important parts of our business.

We Take Care of your Privacy

We always give priority to the user’s privacy and handle them carefully. However, we provide options for not to share certain information through our App, but these options may deter you from taking many advantages of our application.

Information provided by the users responding to our request help us to improve our services and to communicate with them. However, we maintain a high standard of security for all the information provided by the users and most importantly, we are committed to do it.

Though we always give high priority for data protection, we cannot promise to protect your personal information while you are transmitting your personal information over the internet or telephone, because such transmissions are not completely secured.

Automatic Generation

When you use our App, we receive certain types of information automatically. Like any other mobile application, we use “cookies” through which, we collection certain types of information whenever you interact with us.

Whenever users download and install our application on their devices, we may receive information on their identity, their device and location. However, most of the mobile devices allow you to turn your location services off, but by accessing your location details, we might be able to provide you better service.

Accessing Contents

You are authorized to allow us accessing your contents such as photo gallery, contact details or messages from your mobile device. Your approval is highly required whenever you are installing our application on your mobile device. We will provide you all the information regarding this part of our privacy policy, where you will be allowed to go through all the terms and conditions needed to access the contents.

Personal Information We Collect

While installing our application on your device, the app will ask you to provide some personal information that will include-

(1)Contact details such as your phone number, your email address, etc
(2) Demographic data such as your corresponding address and location details.

Such kind of information will help us communicating with you in a better way.

You will not have to worry about whether your personal information will remain with us after uninstalling our App from your device or not, because all your personal information will automatically be deleted once you uninstall the App.

Never Reveal Personal Information

We do not disclose or share your personal information with any third party and we are not a part of such kind of business that sells user’s details to others. We only share users’ information with our trusted partners.

We share your personal information with only affiliated and trusted businesses or persons keeping our strict privacy policy in mind.

We follow the best mechanism in terms of protecting users’ information so that no user is exposed to any unauthorized party.

However, we enjoy the right of disclosing any user’s personal information if required by law and enforcement or if we find it necessary to protect safety and security of our company.

Confidentiality and Security

As we have mentioned before, we are committed to protect your valuable data including personal information, but we will be liable to share your personal information, if we find that and the revelation of your personal information you have provided to us is highly required to:

– ¬Cooperate with law and enforcement or comply with a court order
– Protect the interest or right or our company or any other affiliated parties
– Respond to your unlawful activities through our app

We Secure Your Personal Information

We are the company that tries best to protect your personal information from any kind of unauthorized access because the security of your confidential data is highly important to us. We have adopted widely accepted industry standards that help to protect your personal information efficiently.

We work through an authentic and highly trusted operating environment, which does not allow any unauthorized individual or business to access your given information, which is valuable for us. Apart from this, you must be aware that no such application can promise you to provide full security for your given information. Likewise, we do not promise you to protect from any kind of unintended disclosure of your personal information.

However, once we find or have been informed that your personal information has been stolen through our application, we will do our best to make you alert and retrieve the source of data theft.

We are Authorized to Change or Upgrade Our Privacy Policy

We are authorized to change or upgrade the policy if we find it necessary. With the growing trend of cyber crime and data leakage, we often prioritize immediate change or upgrade in our privacy policy, so that we can introduce best security measures for protecting your personal data.

Restriction of Liability

– Like any other application offering same services as we do, we do not promise, claim or provide assurance on the accuracy or adequacy of the contents you can access through our App. Likewise, we are not liable for any kind of errors and missing of the contents accessible through our App.

– We do not provide any kind of warranty against non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability or freedom from computer virus for the protection of the contents you can access through the App or any suggested links.

– We do not endorse, recommend or favor commercial products or services referring to our App. The display of any products or service in our App is for the public interest and convenience.

We always value our users’ concerns and opinions and try to include features according to that. We are eagerly waiting for your questions and opinions or your feedbacks that will definitely make us more mature and efficient in this service.

Connect us with our email address and help up addressing all your concerns.